Neuroplasticity is a term that describes the ability of the brain to form and reorganize synaptic connections, which is the connection point of one neuron to another, especially in response to learning or following an injury. It is our body and brain's ability to change themselves. To build new pathways and to reset internal systems. 


Are hidden infections causing health terrors in your life? Parasites are a vital topic because so many people have these critters hiding in their bodies, either stealing nutrition from the digestive tract or feeding on organs and tissues. The difference between "pest" and "pets" is not only the arrangement of the last two letters; it is whether you feed them or eradicate them.

Post Quarantine Syndrome

Our children have experienced something that no other generation has, and the effects of the quarantine are still to be seen in the coming years. As a father of three, I am concerned about them and their peers in this generation. This article is to inform parents about what their family may be struggling with coming out of the quarantine.

psychbiotics, mental health warriors

Have you ever seen the wall of probiotics at the health food stores a myriad of colors and labels from cheap too expensive with many different blends of probiotics? Which one do you choose? Is it helping you or hurting you? Or is it wasted money going down the drain?