About Dr. Luke Moore of Docere Life Center in Wichita, Kansas

Certified Health & Wellness Coach

My journey to becoming a doctor began when I was in college facing yet again a recurring injury6N0A7981 2 that I couldn't seem to shake. I had fractured my right foot TWICE, both in the same spot on the same bone and both times because of playing basketball. I had gone through casts and crutches and surgery and still could feel I was on the brink of a 3rd fracture in the same exact area. I was frustrated that nobody seemed to have answers other than cast or surgery. Nobody could seem to explain why this kept happening. While I have many in my family who are Doctors of Chiropractic I had never really had much experience with it up until that point in time. It had just so happened that Dr. Kison Frank was in his first year of practice and told me to come see him. I had no idea what to expect but after one visit with him, I had 90% improvement and after the 2nd visit I was pretty much healed. He gave me the answers as to why it kept happening to me and corrected the muscular imbalance and dysfunction and I have never had  any issues since. Thus began my journey to becoming a doctor as well.

Fast forward a couple of years, while in Chiropractic College I was exposed to the field of natural internal medicine early on. Dr. Kison and another relative of mine, Dr. Ben Bowers was leaders in this field. I quickly began my post-doctorate education through the American Board  of Chiropractic Internists which was a field focused on laboratory analysis for chronic illness with an emphasis on natural treatments and  remedies. This endeavor opened so many doors for me professionally and exposed me to the chronic illness world. At the time as a student, I  was very little aware of my own health issues that I faced. I have sustained multiple concussions playing sports throughout the years which  also gave rise to mental and emotional challenges as well as gastrointestinal dysfunction as well, but more on that later. Once I had graduated Chiropractic College I had the chance to do a little bit of everything. I have practiced inchiropractic care, sports medicine, natural internal medicine, and energetic medicine. I have had the opportunity to work at the Hansa Center for Optimum Health and now the distinct honor and privilege to work here at Docere Life Center.

While I love laboratory analysis, I find that one cannot live and die by the lab alone. We have access to perform such a wide array of panels such as bloodwork, urinalysis, stool and parasitic analysis, mold panels, tick borne panels, you name it. But I find that you can make lab  work look really good but the patient still feels terrible. I’ll never forget the words of a mentor of mine in school. He told me to treat the patient and not the lab. I was scratching my head. How could lab work look good but the patient still feels awful. This is where combining Somatic Resonance Testing has been a true game changer to my practice and to my patients. It allows me to identify in real time what the patient is truly dealing with and takes us beyond what labs alone can show us. Circling back to my own health issues, this style of testing and practice has also been tremendously beneficial to me personally as it has allowed me to answer big question marks to my own health as well as the health of my wife and several family members and friends. I have found that I have been wrestling with chronic parasitic infections as well as mold dysfunction. The same can be said for my wife and several family members. It has taken my life and me health to the next level and has opened the doors for me to reach my fullest potential not only with my own health and that of my family but especially for the health of my patients. I specialize in helping patients heal from: Lyme Disease, Parasitic Infections of the Gut and the Brain, Mold Illness, Neurological Dysfunction, Brain Balancing, Bacterial and Viral Infections and so much more.

I love what I do as a doctor, and it never gets old to me seeing the amazing and dynamic results we achieve daily and to seeing the vitality of life return to my patients and their loved ones. We believe that your body is the best and wisest healer and that our job is simply to find out what is obstructing your body from healing as it was designed to remove those obstructions, and watch and allow the body to heal itself. At Docere Life Center, we are a teaching clinic - meaning that we highly value educating and empowering the patient to understand what is going on (i.e. what's wrong), what we’re going to do about it (treatments), and why we are doing it. I am truly here to serve you as the patient and to come alongside you like a coach and a player relationship to make decisions with and for you to give you the best likelihood to return to optimal health and wellbeing.

Lastly, a bit more about me - I am happily married to my wife Kennadi and we have two amazing sons, Joshua (JJ) and Uriah (Uri). I love spending time with my family! Trying to keep two young boys entertained is like herding cats. I also love staying active with weightlifting, running, and playing golf. I am an avid reader, constantly studying about the human body and different cutting edge treatments, as well as reading books on theology and reading the Scriptures as my faith is of the utmost importance to my family and me. Everybody knows about the 5 Love Languages but there’s a 6th one most do not know about and that is Mexican Food which so happens to be me love language.

Thank you for reading a bit on my life, I look forward to working alongside you to assist your body to return to optimal health and wellbeing so that you may live the life you were called to live.