6N0A7996.jpgWhen I was a teenager, I was with my brother when he had an accident and broke his neck, which caused him to be paralyzed the remained of his life. Being around that process instilled in me a desire to help people with health issues, so that is one of the  reasons that I became a doctor. Then later,  as other loved ones developed health issues and I dealt        with injuries that caused some sever health issues, I continued to search out ways to help alleviate the problem or issue, as well as improve their health as quickly as possible. I am          a researcher at heart, meaning that I am driven to study, research, and find the best ways to help people!

Therefore, one of the biggest things that I am passionate about, is helping people! Now, more specifically as a Doctor, I like finding out what is the major dysfunctions in the body,      and then finding the solution to those dysfunctions and helping the body return to its God given abilities! I do this     by focusing on the specific aspects of all the systems in the         body, combined with DNA genomic analysis as well as blood work, urine, stool        cultures, and salvia analysis. Then, that information combined with genomic issues, hormone    issues, stress issues, diet issues, nutritional needs, structural issues, exercise issues, as well as energetic issues, I can get the best results possible.

Having dealt with so many different types of health issues and or problems, I can relate as a Patient or Client as well as the Doctor driven to help people achieve their desired level       of health! All of this is what motivates me and drives me to stay actively involved in helping people regain their  best health!

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