Docere Digest: Victory Over Lyme Disease

Lyme Series Episode 5: Victory Over Lyme Disease

Sharing stories and successes in Lyme Disease and patients with multiple infections along with Lyme Disease.

Docere Digest: Our Approach For Treatments and Therapies

Lyme Series Episode 4: Our Approach for Treatments and Therapies

What we find to be beneficial adjunctive approaches to healing.

Docere Digest: Neurological effects of Lyme Disease

Lyme Series Episode 3: Neurological Effects of Lyme Disease

Physiology of the immune response and how Lyme Disease affects the peripheral nervous system, autonomic nervous system, enteric nervous system, and central nervous system. How ammonia is produced and its effect on the body such as brain fog, inflammation localized and systemically.

Docere Digest: Lyme Disease and Co-Infections Commonly Seen Together

Lyme Series Episode 2: Lyme Disease and Co-Infections Commonly Seen Together

Looking at how Bartonella, Babesia, and many other forms of Borrelia can have devastating effects on your health.

Docere Digest: Introduction to Lyme Disease

Lyme Series Episode 1: Introduction to Lyme Disease

Signs and symptoms and prevalence reported and unreported. The effect of the toxic load on the body and who is more susceptible to having issues.

Docere Digest: Meet the Team

Meet the Docere Life Center Team

Here we go... the Docere Digest podcast is live! Meet our team of functional medicine doctors here at Docere Life Center.