Supplements & Remedies Utilized by Docere Life Center

  • Chinese Herbal Medicine
    Utilizes ancient Chinese herbal remedies to balance out and restore functionality in the body in conjunction with meridians and organs times
  • Detoxification Protocols
    Everybody detoxes at different levels and rates. Finding the best form of detoxification along with dietary supplementation of binders and or nutrition to enable removal without herxing or other discomfort is the goal.
  • Dietary Counseling
    Testing which foods are allergenic or toxic and recommending food and diets that your body needs more of to help you boost your constitution and immune system
  • Essential Oils
    Used appropriately, these powerful oils can benefit the health and wellness of the patient. With proper blends used in the right location and at the right time, they can have great effects on the body.
  • Glandular Therapy
    Using glandulars to upregulate production of hormones or healing glands from stress and damage
  • Homeopathy
    Many times, it easier for the body to use the frequency and energy from a source of nutrition than to have to process the entire supplement. Homeopathy allows us to specifically use energetic form with much more efficiency when needed.
  • Methyl Genetic Nutrition
    Nutrition based upon your genetics and how they are being expressed. This helps the bodies systems to optimize methylation affecting so many aspects of your health.
  • Nutritional Cleanses/Fasts
    Helping the body to clear out toxins and boost autophagy breaking down old and worn out to rebuild new higher functioning cellular machinery

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