The Benefits of Vibration Therapy at Docere Life Center

Vibration therapy can have an incredible influence on muscle activation and hormonal health, and provide better, long-lasting pain relief and recovery results for patients when combined with other treatment therapies.

Vibe plate stretch therapy
  1. Muscle Toning – Vibration plates move at different frequencies, some as high as 30 to 50 vibrations per second. As such, your muscles contract with incredible speed, as if you were exercising.
  2. Fat Loss – You can count weight loss among the proven benefits of vibration plates a study published in the Endocrinology Journal.  The researchers admit that using a vibration plate is on par with running on the treadmill in what weight loss is concerned.  The whole-body vibrations sent through your entire body can reduce fat deposits in your midriff section and activate the liver. That way, your liver can metabolize fat at a faster rate instead of transforming it into glucose.
  3. Weight Loss – As you are running through your fat deposits, you have more chances of losing weight. That is because your increased muscle mass burns more calories while you are at rest than your adipose tissue. Of course, vibration plates help you lose weight if you help yourself too. That means eating healthily and doing exercise that challenges you, to burn more calories.
  4. Increased Metabolic Rate – As you improve your muscle mass and decrease your fat deposits, your resting metabolic rate increases. This can help you counteract the negative effects of weight loss plateaus. When you are on a diet or at bed rest, your brain turns on its survival mode and makes your body conserve your resources. That translates into storing fat and decreased metabolic rate so you use up less energy than you normally would. In turn, an increased metabolic rate means an increased energy expenditure even while you are resting so you will have a healthier metabolism.
  5. Healthier Endocrine System – A healthy metabolism has important benefits on your endocrine system. That way simply using a vibration plate may be the thing you need to improve hormonal problems such as acne, menstrual pain, or thyroid-related problems.
  6. Lower Stress Levels – A working metabolism and good hormone production keep your cortisol levels in check. Cortisol is the stress hormone, the one that makes you feel angry, anxious, and agitated. Besides, high levels of cortisol are linked to sleep issues like insomnia or difficulty achieving REM sleep, the sleep stage that helps you feel more rested. Besides, working out on a vibration plate is fun and exciting. Simply using your vibration trainer as a massage device is incredibly relaxing too. All these things activate your endorphins and serotonin – hormones produced by the happiness and pleasure centers in your brain. And guess what these hormones do? Yes, they fight stress.
  7. Improved Bone Density – A 2004 study shows the important effects of vibration plates on your bone mineral density. The Belgian researchers who published their work in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research emphasize that the participants saw a 1% increase in their hip bone density. This study also highlights an increase in overall muscle strength after the six months exercise period. During this time, the participants spent merely 30 minutes on their vibration plates, three times each week.
  8. Better Balance and Flexibility – A vibration plate challenges your balance because it makes your brain think that you are falling. As such, your core has to make more effort to keep you onto the plate, by contracting your midriff and lower-back muscles. Improved core strength leads to a better balance and improved flexibility in day-to-day life. This comes with the enormous advantage of a better overall posture, which significantly decreases the chances of back pain, and relieves pre-existing chronic pain.
  9. Improved Blood Circulation – It has been shown that vibration devices improve blood circulation because they activate blood flow. Poor circulation leads to all sorts of conditions, which range from cold hands and feet to cramps and edema. Vibration promotes lymphatic flow, which drains fluid from the problem areas and allows the blood to circulate freely, irrigating your limbs properly. Improved blood circulation may reduce the risk of heart issues as well as diabetes because insulin is better metabolized in your body.
  10. Decreased Cellulite – Vibration plate benefits include stimulated collagen production because all your hormones work top-notch, your blood circulation is improved, and your metabolism is in top gear. Collagen is the hormone that makes your skin smoother. As your fat deposits plummet and your collagen production is accelerated, you end up with less cellulite.  Although cellulite is not a medical condition and not something you should be ashamed of, many people prefer a smoother aspect to their skin, which improves their confidence.
  11. Strength Training – You can use a vibration plate for strength training purposes too. Indeed, many people prefer simply standing on their vibration trainers, but that does not mean you have to. Use the vibration plate to challenge yourself and make all the bodyweight exercises in your routine more difficult. Vibrations challenge your balance and increase the difficulty of everything from lunges to static squats to push-ups. That way, you will get fitter and stronger faster.
  12. Fast Recovery – If you are extremely sore after a workout, standing or resting your limbs on the vibration plate accelerates blood flow and gets the lactic acid out of your system. If you are sore and cramped after a long day at the office, a few minutes on the vibration trainer reduces aches and pains. If you are bed-ridden or recovering from an illness, a better blood flow and more stimulated muscles increase your recovery speed, as long as your GP allows the use of a vibration plate.
  13. Low-impact Exercise for Health-Restricted People – There are many times when high-impact exercises, albeit amazing for weight loss and endurance, do not work for you, whether you are pregnant, have low energy levels, are suffering from arthritis, sciatica, or Parkinson. But that does not mean you have to cut all the exercise from your life. Low impact can be just as good as long as you are challenging yourself, and you are moving to feel good. If you can’t take part in traditional exercise because of your health restrictions, a vibration plate can improve your strength level and how fast you can move according to research.
  14. Pain Relief – Vibrations unwind sore muscles and improve blood circulation and posture. It’s no wonder that this leads to pain relief in problem areas. Indeed, there is currently a lack of research demonstrating the pain-relieving aspects of vibration plates. But plenty of studies show the pain-reducing effects of vibration massage, especially for people with sciatica, joint pain, and muscle cramps. There are also plenty of testimonies online, from happy customers whose pain levels have considerably decreased after using a vibration plate for a few weeks.

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